Before Bed

Thank you for my awareness of people and emotions, being able to read a room is a marvelous thing.

I’m thankful for my daughter and the many new things she discovers and allows me to rediscover. I never realized how hard it was to read and under the concept of reading, again, until now. All the pronunciation and sounding out, when we do it now, it’s goofy and honestly even harder to say but we make it to this point and it’s a breeze. Thank you for the progress.

I’m aware I am a stubborn person, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

I pray that if I ever hurt someone in the past that they forgive me. I pray they know I was a fool then and I probably recognized something in them that I wanted and just didn’t give them there due.

I ask that you allow me to realize anger in my heart towards anybody and help me to release it now. I want to walk with joy on my face and the inside reflecting the same.

I pray my relationship with you continue to grow and reflect on the wisdom you give me.

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