Self Evaluation

I want a better understanding of what love is…

I know that it can never be unconditional, if anyone says that, They Are LYING! Unconditional is something mankind cannot accomplish. Period. It is so draining and we let it drain us, without knowing or having a true understanding for ourselves.

Side note. I’m trying hard not to use exclamation points throughout this post, but just know, my voice is slightly raised. It’s like I’m yelling but question statements, where “!?!” is used a lot.

I’m recapping all the relationships in my life, friendships, dating, run-ins, etc. and seeing how much I truly loved myself during those times and finding the average of how well I treated myself. Every interaction is a measure of how much I love myself. If you think about it, that’s what attracts people to you good or bad. If you don’t love yourself enough, some unnecessary stuff happens. If you do love yourself enough, you identify it as a hazard to your life and quickly remove yourself from the situation. And sometimes, there’s just no tell and have to chalk it up as a hard lesson.

Overall. Most my interactions were average. I let so many things coast by that should have been addressed. But I let them continue on and think that’s how relationships and interactions are supposed to be. They need to be addressed, I don’t care how hard it is.

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