Friendships are work and they can be hard to end. I say don’t be afraid to cut a line, even when it’s a friend. You can still be positive with well wishes, but truly you know when the end, is the end.

I tussled with this one for some time and finally started realizing if I’m uncomfortable, it’s not worth the person, situation, or thing. Na playa.

I’m thankful for my child because I’ve truly had a shift and thats towards greater things. It can be lonely but I do not care at all. Sometimes that’s just how it is. I won’t force anything or anyone to fit into my morals, beliefs, common sense, truths, etc. Constantly having to prove something, that’s not right and it ain’t good. Free yourself from situations, people, things, shows, music, that are causing any kind of negative thoughts or making you question yourself in the wrong way.

Things are changing, and doesn’t mean it’s all right.

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