Be about it…

It’s simple, put those dreams to work and get an action plan on how to get there. It’s true what they say, don’t talk about your dreams with people cause they will talk you out of it or talk you out of it and eventually steal the idea. I’ve learned my lesson, it’s okay, but I’m not going to speak on it. Just know I’m working towards something that I really enjoy and want to be an impact and helps pay the bills and provide some savings!! Amen on the savings part.

The resources are in front of us, you need to recognize it and use it.

A vision board I made recently has not only helped me track where I’d like to go but make me sit down and think on what I really want to do and taking the right steps now to get there.

I recommend sitting down taking time to set some goals and thinking long term what you’d like to do. I think young people are just living in this mind set of “going with the flow,” which is fine. But going with the flow where? Sometimes going with the flow can fly by, 10 years pass and you’re unhappy and still with no idea of what you want to do with your life. It’s fine, but be lost on a mission. Lost with purpose.

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