Emorie, I wrote this for you too.

You are testing every fiber in me right now, but I still love you.

No matter how much sleep I lose, I’m thankful for every minute I have with you. I don’t know why you cry so much now, when you barely cried your whole first year of life. Please, let’s go back to those days!

I am amazed still by how much you learn and reciprocate. You are so funny, I could watch you all day.

Your personality is STRONG. I wonder who you get that from? Cause your grandmother is something else, she can argue later with me about that. I said what I said, shrug.

Stay Golden Emorie.

Know I’m growing with you just as much as you are growing with me. I want to reinforce the good, correct the bad, and end a cycle. I will do my best to educate you on what I wish I knew and I could have done things differently, if only I knew. I want you to be proud that I am your mother just as I am happy to have you as my daughter.

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