That feeling between weakness and strength, sadness and joy, rain into sunshine, transition.


Between those two choices, example: weakness and strength, could continue the same state or begin a new phase. The transition is hard and not fast to do, the drag between the two are draining.

Constant questioning and seconding your thoughts. Weakening your light so others can shine. Debating if what I’m doing now is actually for the better in my future. Doubt in limbo.

Watching the progression of others, happiness and constant wins for others. Accepting that they deserve every good thing that comes their way, happy for them but numb. Anger in limbo.

Going home, replaying the day on how I could have done or said things different and if that affected what should or could happen. Becoming complacent and thinking, this is my best. Anxiety in limbo.

Stepping back, thinking and gathering all the goals I’d like to achieve. Realigning and shifting my mindset. Denying myself so Christ can do what he needs before exiting this transition. Shelter in limbo.

Recognizing the small things that have taken place and changed me for the better while in transition. Focusing on myself and not others, allowing people to win in their lane while being glad for my own. Thankful in limbo.

This transition in my life is so dry, the Sahara could be a watering hole. It did take some time before recognizing what I needed to do and what I wanted to do. Limbo. Smh, the good, the bad, the super duper ugly. I know it’s not over, but I am praying for a shift soon. Sooner rather than later, but I will accept whatever I need to go through to be prepared for my next.

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