Black Art

We truly are art.. The things we do, make, and become.

I’ve been seeing a lot of upcoming and established artists lately, black artists. Art really is someone’s voice and a way to express their story. You may not always like it but You should always respect it.

From random conversations, movies, documentaries, books, pictures, word of mouth.. Art!

I’ve been feeling like I’m stuck in some weird limbo for awhile, but thank you for art. It’s a reminder that you aren’t alone, even when you felt alone during a situation. Someone else is using that story to empower themselves to hold on. Art is beautiful, but it does hit different when it’s from someone who can relate to the same struggles you have to go through on a daily basis.

Writing publicly, about my life, opens the door for criticism and unwanted feedback at times. But that’s art. Stepping out of limbo, back on solid ground, with a foundation steady and ready for what’s next.

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