Heart Check

Back and I’m better..

Hopping right into it, as the title says I needed to check my heart. It’s not until some major blow up happens and once everything settles, I’m replaying everything in my head and thinking what I could have said or done different to defend myself. When really, I just need to let it go, give it to God, and ask for help and working to make sure something doesn’t escalate to a point it didn’t need to be.

But… I was thinking, why are you sooooo pressed about being right and proving a point?!

Yeah, it feels good to show that person up but does it solve anything? If anything, it makes them more defensive, ready to spot my errors, and constantly walking on egg shells. That’s tiring. I am trying to practice, saying my piece and let it go. So I can have my peace. Boop, how bout that cause that’s when you’re truly winning. And sometimes that means saying nothing at all.

I had an issue come up this week and it finally clicked, like this is going to be an ongoing battle. Clearly. People will do whatever they want and say whatever they please. I can only hold myself accountable, take notes of the situation and when and if an opportunity presents itself I have my facts and not just my emotions and can present that in a reasonable manner. Nothing wrong with being prepared and aware of your surroundings and atmosphere.

As I’ve said before, since having a child I do not play with my time anymore. I can’t be caught up in my thoughts about something that I cannot change, and only get myself worked back up about. That’s for the birds. I can’t walk around being prideful, it probably more than likely, I’m sure it will, lead to more issues.

Pray for me. Let me know if you have any prayer requests.

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