I’m really trying to understand why Eve was sooo pressed to eat that dang apple, and why God thought pushing them out the garden was enough. Bruh! The girl jacked us all! Yes. I’m mad, if she was in our time period now she’d regret even entertaining that snake!

She had NOTHING to worry about, nada. Yet, she bit that apple!? Talk about spoiled.

Traffic is the devil. Not only do I try and control my road rage, but the time in the car waiting, I honestly worry. I think about too many mistakes I’ve made or not listening. Then today, I thought how ungrateful could Eve have been? Then, I thought how ungrateful I’ve been. Just as bad. I know I’ve drifted from God because I literally walk around thinking this can’t be life. Like, there has got to be more than this. I had a somewhat positive outlook on life and TRUST in the lord. Idk what I’ve done but I have to get to a healthy relationship with Christ. I see where you can end up without him…. and that is completely insane!

Church. Reading. Writing. Praying. Listening to music. I’m doing and trying it all.

What things have others been doing to reconnect and get out of a dull/lost/fireless connection? I need a bit more help to get back into a better place, QUICKLY.

I know, I have no right to think the way I have been but it’s truth and it’s fact. I am struggling to connect and rebuild my relationship with Christ.

6 thoughts on “Traffic

      1. When I catch myself feeling ungrateful or just downcast, pausing and praying to God helps as well. I’ve been doing that lately and it has helped a lot.


      2. I just feel like I’m in a quiet season so I don’t want to pray. And honestly if he is trying to speak, I wouldn’t hear him either. I have a lot of work to redo and disciplining to do.


      3. I don’t know what you’re going through right now and I can’t imagine how it must be like. But girl, you’ll be in prayers.

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