Girl Power 🌺

There’s nothing like a woman’s support.

I have a sister, but I still don’t have that understanding of sisterhood especially since our relationship is distant. But coming into motherhood has forced that door completely open.

You can get gassed up by any guy and yeah that’s fine, but when it comes from your fellow sister…. you feel they truly get it!

The positive reinforcement you receive once you are honest about your situation and how you feel.Woman to woman!?! The connection is great! But a relief really.

For a while I was indifferent on how I felt on having a child, becoming a mom, and this other feeling I had completely separate from being unwed. I had no desire to be a mother. I might have thought about it but it was never a burning desire in my heart.

Being able to spend sometime with amazing mothers who all have different backgrounds.. married, more than one kid, absent fathers, living with parents, living separately, struggling, striving. I appreciated them all. I say never to be afraid of what you went through or going through because you don’t know if someone needs to hear the story and be uplifted themselves.

Now…… I say that but I know it is easier said than done when you’re going through a rough patch in your life.

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I’ve grown to be grateful of my blessing, my child, my daughter. I had to take a step back, really study the bigger picture and realize what I was or wasn’t doing. For a minute, I was just providing and making sure she was fed, clothed, and healthy. Providing strictly. I’m sure I raised her more at times than providing but I was in a survival mode. When I did not have to think that way. Once I recognized the way I was acting, I switched providing into raising. Raising my baby girl.

Hearing other women’s stories helped me realize that and I’m thankful to know them.

2 thoughts on “Girl Power 🌺

  1. Hey Sweetie! So enjoying this Truth.I too was a Young Single Mom with Angie.But didn’t have no outlet.Continue to speak Truth.Because it does set one Free.For God knows the Plans he have for U.

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