What is sleep?

I’m seriously trying to figure this out.

I can sleep during the day and when I need to get up, but come night time, my eyes are as big as an owl. It sucks because this is when everyone is sleeping, can’t be too loud, not many people to talk to… so you’re just talking to yourself and those thoughts can get to racing.

I wrote a brief letter to myself because those were some of the things running through my mind and just to help me release the circling thoughts.

I’m really taking the time to understand my purpose. Realigning myself with Christ. Being a great mom. And resting while enjoying life. I want these posts to be more interactive, more responsive from readers, and a learning experience for all. As I’m expressing my thoughts someone might know more or less but we can become better together.

I truly don’t know what sleep is and I try to force myself in bed at a certain time every day, fail. I fail most the time with the deadline but it’s a work in progress. As I find more things to discuss, I’d hope to write them quick because they tend to fluster me if I don’t. Also Happy New Year as we slide into February. Geez.

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