For the Record.

Yes. I am an unwed mother and that is the title of this blog site, but let’s be clear. God will call me by my name because I am his, I’m not my past mistakes.

But through this mistake, I’ve seen so much beauty. Of course a daughter. But even more than that, valuing what I have around me and what really matters.

Denver Botanic Gardens, vines and sunshine

I’ve managed to travel more,

do and see more things,

and learned more this year, more than any other year. I’ve been able to develop greater relationships because of my daughter. A lot of things have been surfaced and still settling, but slowly, taking it all in.

The main point to take away from this is, there is too much to be thankful for, not only for what he does but just simply because of who he is. Happy Sabbath!

Denver Botanic Gardens

Cloud Croft, NM
New Mexico
Denver Butterfly Pavilion

Lord, I thank you for the breaking and rearranging in my life. You have shown me that I clearly cannot do this on my own. I continue to ask for your correction and guidance. For the times I’m discouraged, I pray for peace and encouragement.

I ask for uplifting friends, who are not afraid to tell me when I am truly wrong and to speak at the right time to correct me. I thank you for this day, I truly feel so much better. You’ve surrounded me with a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time and I truly have missed it. I know there is still repping from what I’ve sown outside of your will but, you still make it good.

I ask for forgiveness and heart on fire for you.

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