Working Momma

As if you don’t think you’re working hard enough, maternity leave is finished and it is time to head back to “work.”

Having a baby and not having to work, allows you to really think about what it is you are passionate about and how you can implement it into your daily life or turn it into a business.

I have a degree but I am underpaid. I can’t afford child care, my car isn’t mine, can barely make rent, formula is a necessity for my baby, student loans haunt me, and the list goes on. So starting a business with these factors isn’t sounding too ideal.

Where I’m at now definitely isn’t my passion. I feel stuck and I want to live my best life, with my daughter apart of it. So I stepped aside from that position and started looking for a new job. Yes, I quit without having another job lined up but I’m not just bumming it. I’m working Uber at nights. During the day I am able to watch my daughter then around 4:30/5:00 I drop her off and work until about midnight. It pays really well and honestly more than my job at times, which is sad.

Leaving my job was the best decision I could have made, plus coming back to some big changes really pushed me to resign. It had been about two months back and I was not happy. I could hear and see the signs, it was time to move on. I felt and currently feel free and at this point, I cannot risk my sanity for a job or for anybody. Thus my delayed posts, July was a time of reflection and relaxation. I spent time with family and friends, studied my word, traveled, and worked my own hours.

Mother, father, brother, daughter, me family vacation

I have been applying to tons of places that all sound good on paper, but when I actually speak with a hiring recruiter, I feel uneasy. It’s like I know that I won’t be a good fit and twice after an in-person interview I said this was not what I was expecting, thanked them for their time, and left. You’re not going to trap me into some job just because the numbers sound good, nah. I know what I want and this ain’t it.

I’ve put a list together and prayed over it and expecting God to show up on my requests.

While I’ve been driving customers around, a lot have discussed their careers and how they feel about where it has led them. Some are content, some unknowing, some complacent, and some in my same shoes. Searching. When they ask is this my full time job, I say, “for now.” But I know greater is coming for me and I must be patient.

Happy comfy baby

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