Emorie, I wrote this for you.

I love you little girl.

Saying you gave me purpose is so easy to say. You allowed me to realize where I wanted to be, I can’t waste no time, gotta spend each minute wisely every day.

You will be a reflection of me but with your own twist, as you grow. I want to give you everything and protect you, I don’t care at what cost.

I was scared and still am. A life that I have to take care of? Only 9 months I need more time to prepare, my heart fluttered when you looked at me, a really long stare. I felt you looked into my soul , but I’m having to discover you.

I want you to be strong. Don’t hold back how you feel, know who you are and don’t let no one change you. Be smart with your choices, you’ll know right from wrong. Know that I’m here if you need me, no matter how old.

Even if your father and I aren’t together, we love you and want the best. The choices we made were for you and to help you thrive in whatever you choose.

There will be hurt and some pain, but in that process, you will gain.

Your little fingers and nose won’t stay this small, but your memories of me will be a lifetime. I hope I leave an impact that makes you want to do better than me. Take your time, do things right.

I love you little girl. This is short and sweet, but I have until I’m gone to tell you how much you mean to me.

One thought on “Emorie, I wrote this for you.

  1. I realized I met a very intelligent, concerned, and loving person and mother after spending time with you this summer. I love being in your presence.

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